Should you be self employed?

This is as much as a philosophical question as a operational question. Being self employed is both exciting and scary at the same time. Its is both safe and dangerous at the same time.

In the short term is it dangerous because you loose the percieved safety of employment. Your friends & family might not be happy about it. Your financial situation is going to be judged by others as unstable. But have you noticed that most jobs today are starting to look meaningless. Lots of old jobs are getting eliminated and new jobs are getting created. Instagram influencer was not a career option some time ago. By taking things into your own hands, you are in a more safer position that a regular job.

By being self employed, you are stepping into the world of business. You will start understanding that you are not paid for the effort that you put in but the value that you generate for someone else. While this concept might have been true while you were employed, you will realise this concept applies more brutally when you are self employed.

If you play this right, this can be a stepping stone into you building your business empire.