How to create recurring invoice via zoho invoice?

If you are billing the same about to the client every month, then the recurring invoice feature of zoho invoice is a very useful feature.

Creating recurring invoice:

  • Create a customer
  • Create a recurring invoice from the UI.
    • Choose repeat duration - monthly/ weekly/ quarterly etc
    • Choose start date
    • Choose end date or never expires
    • Enter line item

How to add variability to your line items

Lets say you want to specific the month in the line items. Invoice date is not always a reliable way to figure out which period are you billing for. What I do is, I specify the period in the line items. Zoho invoice supports variables.

For %(m)(Year)%

Most common use case - billing on 28th of the month for the current month

Set the start on date to 28th.

Create an item called consulting

In the description, type this - For %(m)(Year)% . It will show up as - For August 2020